What you need to bring:

Original and copy of birth certificate (to be verified by league official)

Registration Contract - Print, fill out, initial, and sign

Participation Contract - Print, complete and sign by both player and adult

Medical Clearance Form:

Have doctor sign, date, and use official stamp in office address area. This must be on an UYFL Form. This form is not due but must be complete before practice starts.

State issued ID card for each participant turned in no later than July 1st (obtained at your local Drivers License office)

FOOTBALL - Fees for this year are $125.00 per player. We will provide each player with a helmet, shoulder pads and a game uniform(all to be returned at the end of the season). Parents will need to purchase padded practice pants, practice jersey, mouthpiece and cleats.

CHEER - Fees for this year are $125.00 per cheerleader. We will provide cheerleaders with a game day uniform(to be returned at the end of the season). Parent will be required to purchase WHITE shoes.

Checks can be made payable to Ormond Beach Pride and mailed to:

Ormond Beach Pride

PO Box 730293

Ormond Beach, FL 32173-0293

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.